UAT API url update

This post is meant for users of the UAT Linked Data API hosted by ARDC. If you do not actively the API directly, no action is needed.

On November 5th the current domain name used by the Linked Data API ( will cease to function and queries to the Linked Data API will need to use the new domain name ( instead.

If you only use UAT URIs (e.g. then no change is needed.  We have updated the URI redirect to point to the new domain for the Linked Data API.

However, if you are making queries directly to the Linked Data API you will need to change to the new domain name in your scripts.

For example, if you are searching for a concept that has “photometry” in any label, you might use an API call like this:

By November 5th, the domain name in the API call needs to be updated like this:

Please reach out to the UAT Steering Committee if you have any questions.

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