Contribute to the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus

There are multiple ways to contribute to the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus…

Contribution Form: You can fill out and submit this form to suggest a single term addition, removal, or change.  Please be detailed with the information you submit, such as including notes on where a new term should be added within the UAT and context from publications to support your suggestion.

Sorting Tool: This tool allows you to select a section of the UAT, or even to view the entire UAT, in a hierarchical map where you can expand nodes to explore the structure.  It allows users to click on nodes and drag and drop them to a new location within the UAT tree.  New terms may be added using the input box at the bottom left and clicking the “Add Node” button.  To indicate that a term should be deleted, drag it to the “orphans” node.  Changes made on the sorting tool will be automatically included in feedback using the form on this page. Refreshing or navigating away from the page will cause all work to be lost. 

VocBench: High contributing users may request a VocBench account which allows a user to edit the UAT directly.  Be sure to review the Quick Guide.