The AAS’s Unified Astronomy Thesaurus Steering Committee sets the general parameters for the overall direction of the UAT and is therefore comprised of representatives from groups with a direct stake in the development and success of the Unified Astronomy Thesaurus. Members of this committee may include those who are part of:

  • Professional associations (e.g., IVOA, IAU)
  • Learned Societies (AAS, RAS)
  • Journal Publishers (e.g., IOP, AIP)
  • Major Astronomical Institutions (CfA, STScI, ESO)
  • Data repositories (e.g., ADS, CDS)

Current members of the committee are:

  • Barbara Kern (Chair), Co-Director, Science Libraries at the University of Chicago
  • Alberto Accomazzi, Principal Investigator for the NASA Astrophysics Data System
  • Katie Frey, Librarian at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
  • Jill Lagerstrom, Transitioning Chief Institute Librarian at the Space Telescope Science Institute
  • Graham McCann, Head of Content and Platform Management for IOP Publishing
  • Julie Steffen, Director of Publishing for the American Astronomical Society
  • Sarah Weissman, Senior Software Engineer at the Space Telescope Science Institute

The Steering Committee meets at regular intervals to discuss issues relating to:

  • Funding and resource needs;
  • Research & development;
  • Licensing requests and other IP-related matters;
  • Substantial changes to the UAT;
  • Related outreach activities (i.e. website, communications;
  • and other topics as needed.